"Two words: HIRE. HER...She makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and relaxed all while taking emotional, award-winning photos."

I crave adventure.  The kind that lets me explore the world.  The kind of adventure that when I think back about it even years later, I can still hear the laughter I shared.  The kind that nurtures and cultivates relationships.  The kind of adventure that changes me…and allows me to change others.  

hi, I'm Shannon

I’m spontaneous, a little rebellious, and a little follow-the-rules.  I FEEL all of the feels, all of the time.  I will sing at your sessions…and likely express my excitement with a happy dance.  And I’ll probably tell you too much and make you laugh with me (but probably at me).  No matter the adventure we are on, I promise it’s going to be a fun one.

I met my husband my very first day of college at Texas Lutheran University.  I talked some major smack while playing a competitive game of poker and he sarcastically talked smack right back.  It was love.  Really though, it’s important to have a partner who balances you.  And Justin is that for me.  

In my daily grind, you’ll find me raising 3 very independent and spirited GIRLS.  The kind that will no doubt be capable of running our country one day.  Or a gang.  Fingers crossed it’s our country though.

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It's important to me to make sure WE are a good fit for each other from the start.  These memories are ones you will cherish for the rest of your life, so I would love to chat and get to know you better!  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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